Pod Sauce

Tired of the same boring flavor day in and day out, but not sure where to look? Whether looking for a new juice as your all day vape or picking up a pod vape for the first time, we are here to solve your pod liquid problem. With the rise in popularity of the pod vape, there needed to be a top quality juice designed for them. Our Pod Sauce line offers incredible flavors that will leave you reeling for more.

Our Staff Picks

Chill Fam presents an intense, yet smooth, mint flavor with a strong cooling effect and feel. Cheat Day offers a strong fluffy sponge cake filled with vanilla cream essence that will have anyone asking why every day can’t be a cheat day. The Bae is a sweet mix of candied berries with the ever slightest touch of melon that is sure to be a favorite amongst fruit lovers. Get Lit is a very smooth, fresh cured tobacco flavor with notes of sweet caramel and almond.

Wondering where to start, but not sure what’s right for your taste? Do they all sound too good to be true? Luckily, you can’t go wrong with any juice in our selection and don’t worry; we will still be here for seconds, thirds, and much much more. Try them all and find your new all day vape flavor today!

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