Plume Fluid

Are your tastebuds bored with your current juice? Is the new wearing off and the bland finally starting to show through? Look no further! The Plume Fluid vape juice line from Vapor42 offers a wide selection of CRAZY GOOD e-liquids that are guaranteed to have you coming back for more and with this many choices, there is surely something to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Our Staff Picks

Ignorant offers a flavor that brings back that fruit loops cereal taste in a smooth strawberry milk. Stencil presents a sweet and creamy peach mango yogurt flavor. Do you absolutely love lemon? Sticker is like licking that super dank lemon cake batter straight from the bowl. Everyone loves those strawberry toaster strudels, so why not enjoy that flavor all day with Blockbuster? It’s that decadent double stuffed strawberry toaster pastry with cream cheese icing drizzled all over it.

Are all of these choices looking enticing? Not sure where to begin? Try all of these awesome juices and blends today. Who knows? You might even find your new all day favorite flavor. After all, Vapor42 is the answer to everything vape!

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