Dream Cream Liquids

Whether you’re tired of overpaying for subpar quality juices from other shops or just browsing to find a new all day fave, Vapor42 has precisely what you are searching for in an excellent vape e-liquid. Dream Cream Liquids were created as a special premium elixir by our mixologist who has spent countless hours perfecting his e-liquid recipes just for you!

Our Staff Picks

Snoyo offers a fantastically amazing blend of magical snozzberries and frozen yogurt to create a smooth, creamy sweetness. Nurple presents a wild blue raspberry froyo in all of its fruity goodness. If you are looking for a warm and nutty nut butter froyo, nombutr has you covered. Remember with Dream Cream Liquids, it’s always important to treat yourself.

Have no idea where to begin with the vape flavor sensation that is Dream Cream Liquids? Do they all seem too good to be true? Try them all and find your new all day fave today! Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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