can you take disposable vapes on an airplane

Now that we are able to travel almost freely again, vape users often have questions about travel with vapes and accessories. Air travel remains complicated and fraught with uncertainties. Do you have a trip on your calendar? Are you flying to domestic or overseas destinations? What about vaping? Can you bring your disposable vape along? Vapor 42 has reliable answers for you.

TSA and Vaping

Here is the definitive answer from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for “Can I take vapes on an airplane?”

Electronic smoking devices are allowed only in carry-on baggage.

This means yes, you may take your vape pen with you when traveling on airplanes, but only in your carry-on luggage; it may not be packed in luggage you check that will be carried on the airplane in the baggage compartment.

After entering the aircraft, you should remove all electronic cigarette and vaping devices, along with any spare lithium batteries, and keep them with you in the aircraft cabin.

Can I Take Vapes on an Airplane?

Carry-On Baggage – YES

Checked Baggage – NO

However, there is more to know than where to store your vape. Let’s dive into some specifics on how to store your vape properly for airline travel. As always, you should check with the TSA if you still have questions. Remember – the final decision to allow any item through a checkpoint and onto an aircraft rests with a TSA officer on-scene.

Dos and Don’ts for Vapes on Planes

Is it a good idea to bring a vape on a plane? Of course, using your vape inside the aircraft is prohibited. You are allowed to carry it with you solely for safety purposes. Components of a vape pose a risk for fire. Any liquids carried on board an aircraft are suspect and pose a risk. Airline companies have established rules for passengers to bring along their vapes and equipment for convenience; this prevents vape users from the necessity of buying new vapes and accessories at their destination.

You should always double-check with the particular airline you are traveling on to make sure you adhere to their policies and restrictions. Here are some basics things to do and don’t do when carrying vapes on a plane:

Here is a significant recommendation to observe before you begin your travel: check to see if vaping is allowed when you reach your destination country or state. Vaping or selling vape products is restricted or illegal in some countries

How to Handle Long-Distance Flights Without Vaping

If you’re facing a long-distance flight of several hours without vaping, here are some suggestions for how to cope.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques can help calm your nerves and ease anxiety over the lack of nicotine during a long flight. Of course, you’ll need to focus on stationary methods like concentration, breathing, awareness, and releasing tension.


While distracting yourself with snacks is not a healthy practice, doing so to stave off a nicotine need temporarily is not so bad – especially of you choose healthier snacks. Nuts, fruit, crackers and cheese, and other snacks can keep you occupied until you can vape again.

Enjoy Distracting Activities

Many options exist to distract your attention from thinking about vaping. Crossword puzzles, in-flight movies, drawing, writing, reading, knitting, or games on your phone are all easy to do on long flights.


Many airlines will offer small pillows, blankets, and eye masks for your convenience. Pop in your earbuds, dial up some relaxing music, snuggle down, and sleep the flight hours away.

Vape at the Airport

Some airports across the U.S. and internationally offer special designated smoking areas where vaping is allowed. Research your route and see if you will spend time in any of these airports on your journey. If so, take full advantage of this perk. Just be sure to re-pack your vape and accessories before boarding your next flight.

Use Nicotine Aids

Although you may not be trying to quit vaping, some alternative nicotine sources during the flight can help. Nicotine products such as patches or gum are simple and safe substitutes for a temporary fix until you can break out your vape again.
The team at all our Vapor 42 locations is educated on vaping products and procedures, and can provide answers to your questions. Whether you’re new to vaping and need some help getting started, or are well-versed in vaping practices, we can recommend the best products to suit your needs and interests. We carry a variety of products at unbeatable prices in Johnson City, Bristol, and Piney Flats, Tennessee. Drop by today for top quality products or assistance.



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