BLKOUT Elixirs

Is your current vape juice getting bland and lacking in excitement? Looking for a new, interesting flavor to peak your senses again? Well, look no further! BLKOUT Elixirs have arrived and they are here to take you on a trip to immense flavor and will have you wondering how you ever vaped without these CRAZY GOOD juices.

Our Staff Picks

Outage gives a dessert born cactus melon cooler flavor, while static offers a fully charged blueberry iced tea taste that is guaranteed to be a hit with your tastebuds. Spark, meanwhile, offers a strawberry and apple butter blend that will meet the needs of any fruit lover.

Too many choices to choose from? Not sure where to begin with all these awesome options? Try them all today and find your new all day vape favorite today! What are you waiting for? Vapor42 is the answer to all things vape!

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